Aluminum tool cases

  • Name: Aluminum tool cases
  • Model: YJ-007
  • Size: 465*340*115 MM
  • Weight:
  • Availability:

Quick Details



Quick details

1, Item No. YJ-007

2, Dimension: 465*340*115 MM

3, Customized cases are welcomed


Packing & Delivery

Packing: bubble bag, carton or custom

Delivery: 30 days



For this aluminum tool case, it is similar to “ aluminum tool case YJ-006”.


Some usual dimensions of aluminum tool cases with this style of frame:


Inner length 

Inner width

Inner height



250 MM

200 MM

100 MM

40/60 MM


300 MM

250 MM

100 MM

40/60 MM


400 MM

300 MM

150 MM

50/100 MM


400 MM

300 MM

200 MM

80/120 MM


450 MM

350 MM

400 MM

50/350 MM


For this case, the color of panel is blue. We introduce some color of different parts which does not influence the prices.

1, For the panel, any color will be ok. And it will not increase the cost of case. We have many different color and pictures of panel,

our customers could choose it easily.


2, For the corner, there are 3 usual color which you could choose:

(1) Black one which we use it often, and it could fit any style of aluminum case.

(2) Gray one which is similar to black corner, and they are both strong and color is not easy to be faded. Because all the material is

the same color as finishing.

(3) Chromed corner which is shiny, but the color could be faded.

If customer wants to change the color of frame and lock, the cost will be increased.

For more information of aluminum tool case, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your coming and reply at any time.