Aluminum pallets tool case - Model FG-A051


Aluminum pallets tool case,This is absolutely one of my most favorite cases. We call it a tool case but it functions as so much more! It is a heavy duty case for sure with attractive, diamond embossed aluminum panels.The bottom compartment can securely hold almost anything that fits with the movable EVA foam dividers, full lower lid pluck type, cubular, self modeling, high density foam, and there are two tool pallets than can be used and/or removed by simply pulling them out. It even has a briefcase style pouch in the lid to store papers or important information such as tool guides, instructions, invoices, etc. The case is totally reinforced with oversize metal corner protectors, reinforced metal brackets all around and EVA foam lining everywhere but on the paper pouch in the top lid. This is definitely a “Guy's Case” because us guys will find a million different uses for it. This is the penultimate tool case. Nonetheless, it is a great case and a fantastic buy at this price! ( Price: 25 $-45 $/pc )

Color: Silver ( welcome any customed color)
Size:    50 cm Length x 36 cm Width x 19 cm Height
Different dimensions:

Inner length
Inner width
Inner height
320 MM
230 MM
140 MM
35/105 MM
370 MM
270 MM
150 MM
45/105 MM
440 MM
310 MM
150 MM
45/105 MM
500 MM
420 MM
225 MM
45/180 MM